• Business

    • Complete range of personal computers
    • We offer complete range of business laptops with security features essential for today's workforce.
    • We provide HP Imaging & Printing Division & TROY
    • Mushko also market and merchandise Symantec, Autodesk as a reselling agency
    • In business intelligence and data virtualization, guided analytics, embedded analytics, dashboard-reporting via QlikView.
    Hardware Software
  • Enterprise

    Enterprise Automation, is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the Building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems,security systems and datacenter solution.

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  • Support & Service

    Mushko IT business support has grown in to a leading IT support company in Pakistan, providing solutions all the way from corporate customers with nation-wide locations to small and medium business.

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  • Electronics &

    • Mushko applies its expertise to provide Test & Measurement products and integration solutions
    • The company’s collaboration with top class electronic instruments.
    • Our capabilities range from provision of right standalone test equipment supply
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  • Engineering &

    • Our Engineering and Surveying division provides technologies to measure with great precision
    • Rapidly provides access to large amounts of complex data that is visualized via engineering and geospatial software
    • Faster operational decisions by exploiting multidimensional data
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  • The relationship with Mushko has grown with time. The first contract given to them in 2010 of PRL helpdesk support, based on their professionalism we have given them more tough job of virtualization which they handled very expertly. Now they are giving us 24/7 support of all servers and network of PRL and we could proudly say that we are the satisfied customer of Mushko. Muhammad Samad Khan, Pakistan Refinery Limited

  • The dedicated IT Helpdesk software based on complaints lodging functionality is in use, which leads IT department to an organized way of responding to employees calls and keep track record of the issues.
    Overall we are surely a happy customer of Mushko Electronics. Javed Ahmed Siddiqui, K-Electric PVT LTD

A provider of world-class products and services

Mushko aims, “to be a provider of world class products and services”, which summarizes its corporate culture and direction. It has diversified the range of products from the initial days.

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All News
  • 09 Jul 2017

    Mushko Computer Store is now Intel Gold Technology Provider

    With support for the highest memory speeds, memory capacity, and enhanced..Learn More

  • 09 Jul 2017

    HP Networking Wireless LAN in Brazil Stadiums

    FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil opened on June 12 with a reported 3 million+ attendees..Learn More

  • 09 Jul 2017

    Announcements about upcoming trade-shows that EMSCAN

    EMSCAN will showcase IEEE EMC 2012: Pittsburgh, USA - August 06-09Learn More


All Events
  • 17 Oct

    Honeywell Event in Karachi

    Taking Enterprise Mobility to the next level

  • 18 Oct

    Honeywell Event in Lahore

    Taking Enterprise Mobility to the next level

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